3 Simple Ways Retail Stores Can Draw Crowds This Holiday Season

Retail stores are already in planning mode for the holiday shopping season and looking for every advantage to draw crowds in-store this holiday season. Here are three simple ways brick & mortar stores can draw crowds in-store.

Promote Giftable Items

In the season of giving, the simple truth is a lot of people need help actually choosing gifts. Whether it’s purchasing for family members you only see a few times a year or feeling out of touch with certain age groups, holiday gift buying can often be stressful. To encourage people to buy more in your store, find products that would make great gifts for every age group.

Some retailers create gift guides with suggestions for different age groups or by different interests, such as gift suggestions for people that enjoy sports, movies or cooking. Timing is everything. Start brainstorming and preparing these gift guides for customers to view before any Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sales.

Take the guessing game out of gift giving for those struggling with it and make it easy for them. Try putting together sampler sets or gift baskets with multiple items fitting different interests. Shoppers get unique and accurate gifts for their loved ones and stores will profit.

Another idea is to offer gift wrapping services or even include them with a purchase. It’s that extra, personal touch that could convince shoppers to choose your store instead of your competition.

Offer Loyalty Rewards & Other Perks

It’s estimated that customers will spend around $640 billion this holiday season. Offering customers special holiday season loyalty rewards can motivate them to shop somewhere specific.

Create a VIP program that provides special events, free gifts or discounts for members. Some stores open an hour early for VIP customers so they can shop without a crowd. Offer a special discount when VIP customers shop on certain days. These days could be typically low traffic shopping days, like weeknights. If these aren’t options for you, think about doing something even simpler, like free hot chocolate for loyal customers and their family while they shop.

The goal is to make customers feel valued—something big retailers can’t do. Consumers want incentives. They want to feel like they’re getting something special, whether it’s a deal or an experience, when they shop with you.

Host Events

Try hosting several themed events between Thanksgiving and Christmas to help increase holiday sales. Small Business Saturday, the Saturday following Thanksgiving, is the perfect place to start.

Types of events, themes and party depend on a retail store’s specialty, but here’s some possible event ideas:

  • A Ladies/Mens Night: Give them a special discount for shopping.

  • Gift Wrapping Extravaganza: Offer free wrapping for items bought on a certain night. Feel free to require customers to spend a certain amount to receive free wrapping.

  • Giveaways: Have a giveaway night where customers can receive a free gift with purchase or be entered to win a special prize.

  • “Thank Goodness It’s Almost Over” Party: This’ll create a fun mood in the store and it’s a perfect opportunity to unload holiday specific items at a discounted price.

Events are a way to create a festive mood and make your store a holiday destination. Use social media to affordably promote and spread the word about your events. Also, use social to to highlight unique products, your mobile presence or other special deals.

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