5 Ways to Get Customers to Download Your Retail App

App stores are overflowing with apps of every kind. Your customers have a lot of shopping choices. They will be selective when it comes to their app downloads. They just can’t download every app for every retail store.

Your mobile retail app’s success relies on your ability to communicate and market it effectively to your customer base. Simply put, if your app exists and no one knows about it or understands its benefits, it’s worthless.

In this blog, you’ll find some tips to help you market your new retail app and how to compel customers to use it.

Announce The App Before the Launch

You need to give your app the branding treatment just like you would when a new retail location first opens. Announce the app before it’s live and build up some excitement. Write a blog on your site or write up a press release to start spreading the word.

Keep It Simple

For the technology challenged, keep descriptions of your app and its features simple. Don’t create marketing materials that read like a complicated instruction manual. Use short and simple points to describe the app’s benefits. Be sure store employees are familiar with the app and understand how to download and operate it. If your employees don’t understand how to use it, it sends a strong, negative message to customers that ask those employees for help.

Notify and Remind

Customers interact with your business in a variety of ways. When customers come through your door, display in-store marketing materials directing them to your retail app. Strategically place more of these displays throughout high traffic areas of the store. Alert them about the app and its benefits at checkout verbally or with shopping bag inserts, and then continue reminding your customers in the months to come that their shopping experience can be much more convenient by using your app.


For your visual customers, allowing them to sample the app in-store, without downloading it themselves, could prove persuasive. Create a station where customers can try the app on a mobile phone provided by the retail store. During high traffic shopping periods, you could even designate an employee to engage customers, show them how to use it and help them set it up on their mobile devices if they need help.

Offer Incentives

Some people need incentives to check out something new, especially if they’re unsure how much use they’ll get out of it. Offer special benefits only available to your app’s users. We highly recommend offering a deal for first-time users as a reward for downloading the app.

Providing your customer with mobile perks helps boost customer loyalty, satisfaction and helps close sales. In the beginning, spend some extra time educating the bulk of your customer base on what the app offers and you should see mobile engagement numbers rise.

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