F & B e-Commerce major: POS & Loyalty Systems Integration

The customer is one of the world’s top-rated e-commerce platforms specializing in the spirits vertical. Their customers include some of the top wineries across the world. End users (winery visitors) also shop actively via the Winery's web store. Most wineries have loyalty programs which creates the need for keeping customer profile and transaction history in sync across all systems.

Customer data exists in their platform (e-com/web store) but when he walks into the winery there is no information about him

Data does not sync amongst web and physical stores, resulting in 100s of hours of manual reconciliation   

Duplicate records, errors and mismatches result in poor customer experiences 

Automatic reconciliation

No duplication, auto-detection of errors/mismatches and correction

Data flows seamlessly between POS and E-com, no manual entries needed 

The Customer has on-boarded 8 large wineries since and the integration has been stable for 1.5 years.

ShoppinPal also provides full support and hosting services so that the customer can focus on their core product while still providing their customers with the data sync service they really need. This has helped in increasing customer loyalty and preventing churn as the end customers are able to use their POS with their platform without having to make wholesale changes to their operations or migrate to a new system.

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