ShoppinPal’s Team & Culture

The ShoppinPal folks are a mission-driven bunch that’s out to forever change the lives of brick & mortar retailers. The bulk of our presence is in Pune (India), with couple of key employees working out of Houston (The USA) and Auckland (NZ). In the last few months we have excelled in team building and in solidifying our work culture, so allow me to share a few things that define and guide us.

shoppinpal team

1) A tremendous sense of ownership permeates everything we do. For a startup, it’s not enough to have a super smart team unless each member acts as a protagonist of his ideas and take initiatives, no less than the owner . We are very fortunate that every employee acts and makes decisions like a founder/owner, which has enabled us to assign meaty responsibilities to even our interns. Every single day I see stellar examples of people taking load off of each other and doing whatever it takes to bring fruition to the mission…and I’m incredibly grateful for that. 2016-01-27 13.22.57

2) Every teammate has a perpetual desire to learn, , solve seemingly impossible problems, and then share that knowledge. This not only makes each member a part of the input but also strengthens the interpersonal relationship of the employees. We’ve been very fortunate that several customers and partners have embarked on shared problem solving with us which has resulted in a wealth of open source software that will hopefully benefit thousands of retailers and developers in the years to come.

3) Commitment towards social causes. As they say and we firmly believe, core is more important than the periphery, we work both as a team and individually in various ways to do our bit for the society. Once a quarter, we organise outings for kids from local shelters, engaging them in some recreational activities and providing some moments of joy. . Here are a couple of pictures from recent ones that included tours of a world class horticultural center and an Army war memorial museum. We also have a “vacation allowance” which doubles if your vacation involves some volunteering towards a social cause.



We have a Team+Tech foundation now that will enable us to shake up the industry. Stay tuned!

You can beat eCommerce: Here’s How

In the last 10 years online shopping has come to roost. Amazon, eBay and others have turned the world of shopping upside down by offering a wide selection and addictive convenience to shoppers. Brick and stores have suffered as a result with fall in foot traffic, and resulting loss of revenue. However there’s hope dear hard-working retailer as you can fight online commerce on it’s own turf. Or in other words you can take advantage of technology breakthroughs to attract new shoppers and drive new sales right from your store.

What key advantages can I offer

New capabilities enabled by cloud POS systems, order-ahead services, and easy integrations with new shopping channels, will help you win the hearts and minds of shoppers in your area.

What technology breakthroughs do we speak of?

There are some amazing new tools that need to be availed of.

Cloud POS systems

Point-of-sales systems of today have evolved from the green-screen machines sulking away in a corner. The new breed of POS systems, such as Vend, LightSpeed, ERPLY, and ERPLY allow retailers to manage their stores from just about anywhere with an Internet connection. will let you manage your operations from a variety of devices (including tablets), allow easy upgrades, and also integrate with all kinds of 3rd party software. The last point is critical as we shall see.

Same-day delivery

Heralding a new era in local, new services have sprung up in major metros worldwide that allow for immediate delivery in densely populated areas. Deliv is one of those companies that specializes in same-day delivery for retailers. Their couriers pickup an order as soon as it is placed at the retailer and deliver to the shopper usually within the day. The cost is very reasonable and quite cheaper than next-day or even 2-day delivery by Amazon or at eBay.

eCommerce Carts right from your POS

Traditional eCommerce platforms were designed to best suit the need of online wholesalers, and not brick and mortar. Retail stores need a better solution that works directly with their POS to eliminate the need for managing different systems. Solutions such as ShoppinPal allow you to create a simple and fast online store right from an enabled cloud POS. They also allow you to plug your storefront in new channels such as PayPal, Facebook. Yelp etc allowing you to capture sales from local and social traffic. Finally they allow busy shoppers to order and pickup right at store, and for select metros even same-day delivery.

How does it all work together?

Solutions like ShoppinPal were created to help retail stores drive new revenue and simplify online commerce. Once integrated, they can read all your inventory, pricebooks and stock in real-time, render a storefront with pictures pulled in right from your POS, and further create an invoice right back to the POS once a sale is made. They further integrate with other popular consumer channels, as well as delivery services like Deliv. We are really excited about the future of retail and armed with the right tech tools, the market is yours to win.

ShoppinPal to Speak at Independent Retailer Conference

ShoppinPal will be joining the Independent Retailer Conference in Las Vegas in March as one of several retail experts to host educational sessions filled with the latest retail insights and trends for attendees of the ASD Show.

RetailMinded’s Independent Retailer Conference is dedicated to helping indie retailers succeed by providing rich educational content from industry experts. And for the first time, the event will be held at the ASD Show in Las Vegas March 16-19.

The ASD Show is one of the largest and most comprehensive trade shows in the country where retailers buy inventory for their stores. Now, with the addition of the Independent Retailer Conferece, attendees can not only find the right items for their stores, but learn how to make their store more successful, from operations and store layout to marketing and mobile commerce.

ShoppinPal’s Sriram Subramanian and Jason Trout will be hosting discussions with retail decision makers, along with executives from other companies focused on helping independent retailers, including Constant Contact, Shopify, Snap Retail, Vend, and Independent Retailer Magazine. Check out the complete speaker lineup.

Need an excuse to go to Vegas? Register here and let us know you’re coming.

Here’s what ShoppinPal will be sharing with conference attendees at ASD:

The future of the brick & mortar store: What retailers need to know

Technology is changing how shoppers shop and how retailers cater to their customers’ wants. Advancements in point-of-sale systems, mobile payments, shopper tracking, personalized offers, location-based marketing, customer loyalty… the future of the brick & mortar store is full of exciting changes and new opportunities for retailers to delight their customers.  Learn about these new innovations and how to create a connected shopping experience inside and outside of the physical retail store.

How to keep your store relevant with today’s tech savvy shopper

Spoiled by the convenience of online shopping and armed with the power of smartphones, your customers are shopping differently today, and retail stores must adapt. Learn how your customers’ shopping habits are changing, their new expectations of a retail store, and how you can stay relevant with today’s tech savvy shopper.

Showrooming: how to fight back and capture lost sales

Shoppers’ phones can be a retailer’s worst nightmare, enabling them to browse your carefully selected in-store merchandise only to buy it cheaper online, sometimes even while standing in your store. But is showrooming to be feared? Learn the truth about showrooming and how retail stores can win the battle.

Incremental Sales: Does your shopping app really increase retail sales?

ShoppinPal helps retailers by providing an engaging in-store shopping experience which offers product recommendations, allows shoppers to pay by phone, and enables retailers to extend check-in rewards and personalized offers to its loyal customers. But as with any mobile commerce app for retail stores, there should be a clear way to see how ShoppinPal helps increase retail sales. The ability to drive incremental sales that retailers would otherwise not be able to make is a core competency for ShoppinPal.

We’ve always offered the opportunity for retail owners and managers to see in depth shopper insights around “what users are interested in” by breaking it down across various levels of interest based on retail analytics we gather from customers using the ShoppinPal app: items scanned, items added to list, items purchased etc. And now, we will also provide reports that allow them to see the incremental sales which ShoppinPal is driving and highlight the mobile commerce app’s value proposition to retail stores.

At ShoppinPal we categorize incremental sales within the app as: “any product which isn’t explicitly scanned by the consumer in their current store visit but still gets purchased.” For example, after mobile shoppers walk into a store: if they buy items presented to them via ShoppinPal’s recommendation system, or if they buy an item they saved for later on their ShoppinPal shopping list, or if they buy an item after a retailer uses our retail analytics platform to send personalized offers to them … it is an incremental sale. And at the end of the day, this is precisely the value retailers see in ShoppinPal: the ability to sell more.

Retailers can expect to see a snazzy new report when the latest update of ShoppinPal v0.4.16 hits the App Store at the end of this week.


Retailers will be able to clearly identify the value delivered by ShoppinPal for their stores. Even a cursory glance of the pie chart, suggests that incremental sales come close to delivering 50% of the revenue during our tests. Building this out in less than 2 days, wouldn’t have been possible without the expert support we received from the folks at mixpanel, a big thank you to Phil 🙂

Of course we are excited and eager to see how this will play out in the real world.

Image credit: Good APIs Project Blog

Mobile Commerce World 2013 Recap

Retail mobile commerce sales in the US are expected to reach $109 billion by 2017, according to a recent eMarketer study, which brings to light many opportunities and challenges for retailers. To help these companies come together to discuss, debate and learn, the Mobile Commerce World conference made its debut in San Francisco June 24-26 with an action-packed schedule of keynotes, presentations and panels as well as an exhibition floor full of innovative companies leading the way for the growing mobile commerce market.

Much of the agenda was broken into conference tracks, such as mobile retail, mobile payments & wallets technology, mobile commerce technology integration, and security & privacy for mobile commerce, which allowed attendees to take a deep dive on particular topics.

We heard from some of the biggest names in mobile, sharing experiences and strategies of how to best take advantage of mobile commerce today and in the coming years. Some of the more interesting discussions came from Wendy Bergh, VP Mobile & Digital Strategy at Walmart; Mike Finley, VP & CTO of Hosted Solutions for NCR; Bill Gajda, Head of Global Mobile Products at Visa; Patrick Gauthier, Head of Emerging Services for PayPal; and Nicolas Franchet, Head of Retail & E-Commerce at Facebook who shared how mobile technology is changing Facebook’s business.

The conference also included an innovators pitch session, bringing attention to startups focusing on mobile commerce. A couple standouts included, the “Polyvore for home decore” where shoppers can create interactive design boards to redesign rooms in their homes, and Placed, who aggregates and analyzes the paths and places people visit in the physical world, providing retailers with actionable insights into consumer behaviors.

There was no shortage of great retailer success stories and viewpoints, case studies, exciting retail solution providers and innovative startups at the 3-day event. The spotlight shined on ShoppinPal throughout the conference as well. The first day of the event we sat down with Lou Covey of New Tech Press, who wrote an article on some of the highlights from Mobile Commerce World.

ShoppinPal CEO, Sriram Subramanian, answers questions from a packed house during his presentation on analytics for brick & mortar retail stores.
ShoppinPal CEO, Sriram Subramanian, answers questions from a packed house during his presentation on analytics for brick & mortar retail stores.

On Tuesday Sriram, ShoppinPal CEO, led the way with the first of many enlightening talks in the Solutions Theatre. His presentation “Turbo Charge Brick & Mortar Sales with Shopper Analytics” highlighted the challenges brick & mortar retailers face and how the right mobile shopping app can help solve some of those problems and increase shopper engagement and loyalty. Sriram explained how managers of physical retail stores can benefit from actionable analytics similar to ecommerce stores, including items browsed, wish list activity, conversion rates and even abandoned carts.

Sriram also joined the panel during the “M-POS and the Implications of EMV” session along with Brian Kilcourse of RSR Research, Richard Mader of NRF’s Association for Retail Technology Standards, Leslie Hand of IDC Retail Insights, and Cathy Medich Smart Card Alliance.

Mobile Commerce World put on a great event, and we look forward watching next year’s conference explode as acceptance and innovation continues to grow in the world of mobile commerce.

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ShoppinPal Presents at Mobile Commerce World

ShoppinPal will have a major presence at the Mobile Commerce World event, which begins June 24 in San Francisco.

At the event, thought leaders from around the world will gather to talk about the impact mobile has made on how businesses and customers interact through payment, content and products. Attendees will learn from established retail and commerce brands how mobile technology has radically changed the way they both do business and push for innovation, while featured startups like ShoppinPal will explain what they are doing to transform the mobile commerce landscape.

The three-day conference is expected to draw more than 1,500 attendees with more than 50 sessions and over 110 experts. Keynote speakers include executives from Walmart, Visa, Discover, Facebook and Groupon.

ShoppinPal CEO Sriram Subramanian will discuss how retailers can use in-store shopper data to add value to the customer experience at 1 p.m. on Tuesday with his presentation “Turbo Charge Brick & Mortar Sales with Shopper Analytics” in the Solutions Theatre on the expo floor.

For a sneak peek at some of the insights Sriram will share, download our Analytics Overview.

Shortly after Sriram’s talk on brick and mortar mobile shopping analytics, he’ll be on the panel of the “M-POS and the Implications of EMV” at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

ShoppinPal will also be demonstrating its brick and mortar mobile shopping solution to visitors to the expo floor. Look for us at booth 30.

ShoppinPal RAMPs up Discussions with Retailers on Mobile Commerce

The ShoppinPal team was at the RAMP Commerce & Mobile Retail Services Summit a few weeks ago – our first big retail event where we hosted a booth and were invited to be part of a retailer and solution provider panel discussion.

Sriram at the ShoppinPal Booth at RAMP
At the RAMP conference in Chicago, Sriram, ShoppinPal CEO, talks to retailers about shoppers’ new expectations for their in-store experiences.

Our booth got a good deal of attention, in part due our lively customer video featuring Harney & Sons in New York City. And we were pleased to see a great deal of interest among mid-sized retailers in offering their customers a mobile experience.

The solution providers kicked off the conference by introducing themselves and describing the types of partnerships they wanted to establish, which turned out to be extremely useful for us. We were able to immediately identify 4 to 5 prospective strategic partners – one of which, ZooZ, we’ve already started integrating with.

Participating on the panel, “Moving From Point-of-Sale to Point-of-Service,” was a conference highlight for us. The panel (which included our CEO, Sriram Subramanian) comprised an amazing mix of people on the cutting edge of retail tech, including Dr. Gil Roth, who is head of innovation at Retalix (now part of NCR). Among other topics, the panel discussed (and offered solutions for addressing) the problem of not being able to access data across inventory, POS, and other key retail systems. It was fascinating to learn that the problem is affecting retailers of all sizes and not just the largest retailers.

All in all, RetailRAMP proved to be a fun, positive, and productive conference experience! We’re already looking for our next conference participation opportunity where we can continue to connect with more retailers and strategic partners.

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