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Exponentially Expand your Ghost Kitchen/Dark Kitchen/Cloud Kitchen Business Across Multiple Restaurants and Geographies with ShoppinPal’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) 


ShoppinPal iPaaS

Any to Any Software/App Integration Connectors
( Plug and Play, Ready to use, 60 Plus available
Speedy, Safe, Reliable, Economical )

Integrate Seamlessly with Any Restaurant POS

INTEGRATE to 100s of Online Ordering and Delivery Platforms


All Data Flows Recieved Integrated into your Loyalty Management and BI/AI/ML and ERP Systems

Enable accessibility via ANY end Consumer device

*Be a First Mover in the nascent, rapidly growing Global Cloud Kitchens Market valued and Establish regional Dominance 

60+ Ready Integrations
with major Restaurant POS

500+ Restaurant Onboarded globally

15 Countries and Growing

2 Mn Data Sync Per Year

60 to 80% Cost Saving

20K Increase Orders /Month

99.95% Uptime Kitchens and Restaurant/Online Ordering Tech

Overview : The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly harsh on the F & B ( Restaurants & Online Ordering/Delivery) segment.

What makes this sector particularly vulnerable is that it is traditionally “high touch” in nature. It involves a complex set of Supply Chain, In-house Service and close quarter Consumer Interaction dynamics that have -so far- demanded human proximity, thereby increasing the chance of transmission and proliferation of the pandemic. Global Measures such as lockdowns and social distancing have greatly impacted this sector.

The Opportunity : In this scenario, the emergence of Cloud Kitchens has proven to be a saviour. Cloud Kitchens are growing exponentially. The Global Cloud kitchen market size was valued at $43.1 billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach $71.4 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 12.0% from 2021 to 2027*. This is due to the following factors :

On-demand food delivery is becoming a key trend in the food and beverages industry. Cloud kitchens represent a crucial element of this process, as large numerous operators adapt their businesses to a rising trend of online food delivery demand

Low contact for greater safety : 
Hygienic meals that are prepared and delivered in a “low- touch/no-touch” model are becoming an essential part of our lives

Holistic F & B Tech : Using an all-in-one Technology approach to ensure operational stability will be a major focus. This demands that more F & B players (restaurants & supply chains) move to the Cloud, which will also result in boosting the growth of the cloud kitchen market.

Workflow Automation : Experts opine that post-pandemic, 85 percent of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent. Every touchpoint throughout the supply chain and especially the consumer purchase and consumption experience will have to be seamlessly integrated and automated

e-Commerce/m-Commerce and No-Touch Payment Options growth : As much as 55% of e- commerce purchases will be made with payment alternatives that do not involve debit/credit cards. The Business owners who give their customers more ways to “no-touch” pay, will be most likely to sustain operations

Shipping and Logistics will emerge as key areas : A growing number of Consumers want goods at their doorstep, even perishable items. This has put a strain on supply chains, which will need to strategically bolstered and augmented 

What is a Cloud Kitchen ?

Cloud kitchens are also known as Ghost Kitchens/Dark Kitchens/Shared kitchens.

Cloud kitchens are “delivery-only”. They can be owned by either a brand or 3rd -party working with various brands.

Brands which are using Cloud Kitchens can also operate virtual restaurants or brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Reciprocally, brick-and-mortar restaurants can also use a separate Cloud Kitchen to provide more an augmented revenue stream and efficient delivery.


Our Product for Cloud Kitchen Enablement :

We have built an Integration Platform as a Service specifically for Cloud Kitchens and Restaurants. This Platform offers the most extensive and robust suite of Integration connectors developed till date. These are fully customizable and ready to use with simple, single point, plug-and-play access and deployment.

Our Differentiators :

We are building this out to enable ANY set of F & B Software Systems/Apps to connect to ANY other set. Thereby providing any imaginable integration between Cloud Platforms and Restaurants/Online Ordering and Delivery Platforms at scale. This makes us Global First movers in the Cloud Kitchen Restaurants/Online Ordering and Delivery Software Integration space. This disruptive Technological innovation that removes the onus of custom-building new Cloud Kitchen integrations every time multiple new systems are integrated. This also greatly reduces Cost and Time to build by 80% (empirically proven).

Full-Service Technology Enablement : We also provide all complementary services required to Onboard Restaurants/ Online Ordering and Delivery Platforms onto the Cloud Platform/App, ranging from Data Migration to Implementation, Training and Support. We also have extensive experience integrating POS, ERP, Accounting, Loyalty, Inventory Management, CRM, Expense, Data Analytics and Inventory Management Systems.

Major systems we have ready integrations with:

Credibility Factor : We have over 60 Integrations (and growing) available to various F & B Software Systems (Restaurants/Online Ordering and Delivery Software)

Take a look at some of our major Integrations here 

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