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The ShoppinPal integrations platform enables SME B2B Cloud startups to rapidly scale their integration portfolio at unprecedented quality, cost and time to market. What's unique is we don't stop at building...we host, onboard and support your customers for life.  

POS, ERP, Accounting, Ecom, Payments, Integrations
Our most popular apps (fully integrated with leading Retail Cloud Systems)

Fully automate the stock replenishment process. 

Dramatically higher efficiency and no manual errors.  

Seamless integrations with leading ERP and POS systems.

Works on all platforms and devices. 


Build reports with custom attributes. 

Setup automated scheduled delivery of reports. 

Import data from ANY system via CSV.

Automated Scheduled Reports, Custom reporting, data Sync, Import data, Export Data, Integrations, Task, Clone Data

WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM is an enterprise SaaS system that acts like a digital product repository and connects manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

The wholesale distribution system empowers sellers and buyers in general trade to share, sell and re-sell the products from the repository with the simple click of a button.

It is integrated with social media platforms to make sharing easy and intuitive.

Blackboxx is one of the world’s top-rated e-commerce platforms specializing in the spirits vertical. Their customers include some of the top wineries across the world. End users (winery visitors) also shop actively via the Winery's web store. Most wineries have loyalty programs which creates the need for keeping customer profile and transaction history in sync across all systems.