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Cloud systems/platforms/apps
Especially POS (Point Of Sale) systems

Leverage our iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) For all your ANY to ANY System/App Integration needs. Ready to use, Plug and Play, Speedy, Cost-Efficient

Every Customer you Onboard brings unique Technology challenges through its lifecycle.

We deliver real-time solutions at every step, addressing all pain points, saving costs & augmenting value.

conversion rate
Ensure 1.5X higher conversion rates 
reduced cost

Experience 50% lower-end customer churn 

plug and play

Plug all critical gaps for the optimal end-customer experiences

incremntal revenue
Drive incremental revenue through larger deal sizes
low cost support

Slash Build & Support costs to 1/5th 

fast build

Achieve 80% faster time to market 

What systems are you looking to Integrate with?

Speedily migrate legacy data via built-in data import capabilities.

HR Management

Connect to multiple Onboarding/Offboarding/Payroll/Benefits systems

inventory management

​Seamlessly Integrate with ANY POS & sync with ANY Inventory Management System

Integrate with any e-commerce system for Process Automation and Optimization

restaurant management
Restaurant/ F&B Management

Sync optimally with ANY Restaurant POS/Kitchen Management System or BI/Analytics/Reporting Software


Deploy complex Data Sync, Migration  & Operational Process Flows for Customer Reward systems with ease

custom apps
Customer Apps & Add-Ons

Add value to your customer engagements with our BI Reporting Solution (POSX), Inventory management System (STOCKUP) & Warehousing Solution (Bnext)

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