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Our COVID TASKFORCE : Zero-Cost Biz-Tech Assessment & Implementation Planning

As we are all  aware, the next few months are critical for businesses of all sizes and types, across the world.

At ShoppinPal, we are specifically committed to ensuring that Small & Medium size businesses stay sustainable-and profitable- in these times of Global crisis. Leverage the power of Cloud technology & Systems to reduce the need for human intervention in business operations.


Simplify, Automate & de-risk your businesses in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as significantly cut costs.

CovidTaskForce: In light of the COVID crisis, we have assembled a hand-picked, cross-functional Task Force comprising some of the most innovative minds in Business & Technology (Product Management, Design/UX, Developers, DevOps/Infra - engineering, Marketing & Business Strategy).

Our Commitment: We offer this team to you to perform a zero-cost, complete 360 degree assessment of your company’s business-tech needs-based on which we will draw up an action plan aligned with your business priorities. This will enable your business operations to stay strong over the crucial months ahead . Our approach is customized to the specific needs of each business and we work closely with business leadership to understand their issues. Many of the companies that we have assisted via this model  have found it very helpful. Especially in keeping their businesses going through these rough times. Some of them in niche segments have actually experienced significant growth.

How we deliver Value

What Type of company Are you ?




✔Leverage our understanding of Cloud apps/systems to ensure the ideal setup along with cost optimizations based on your current needs.

Digital Transformation : Integrate and embed digital technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

Digital Readiness assessment : Establish and strengthen digital touchpoints spanning your website, social media, and optimal  marketing tools. Ensure that your digital footprint(design and messaging) across media is adapted to current times and able to remotely engage customers. 

Optimally manage your inventory/warehousing management/supply chain challenges. Check out our Inventory Management App and our Warehousing App Optimize your DevOps infrastructure including hardware (servers, databases), software, firmware to ensure high ROTI(Return on Technology Infrastructure)

✔Plug critical gaps and comprehensively address custom client needs such as integration, custom reporting or data migration. Take a look at our BI/analytics and Reporting App: POSX

✔Devise your Sales and Marketing Biz-Tech Strategy for the future.

Whatever challenge you face-we can help you with the necessary planning, design, implementation and rollout. Including remote maintenance & support services to keep your business running.

Cloud Platforms/Systems/Apps :


Gain 1.5X higher conversion rates & upto 50 % lower customer  churn. Drive millions in new/incremental annual recurring revenue

✔Close larger deal sizes with mid & large size enterprises deals

✔Utilize our deep understanding of how to optimize your integration with your end customers’ existing and planned systems/Third –party apps

✔Leverage us to ensure that all technology gaps are covered & your end customer achieves his ideal, custom-built setup and desired business outcomes

✔Optimize implementation and customization of POS software, inventory management, E-commerce, customer loyalty, and reporting analytics. 

✔Fully Outsource Third-party Integrations to us via our E2E(Exchange to exchange) model. We can build, maintain and serve end users in the most efficient and cost effective manner for life.

✔Delegate full/partial Data transformations and migrations work (included complex and Big data/large volume legacy(10 + year old) compilations) to us

✔Use us as partners for your platform/API team to ensure development in the most scalable way to meet desired use cases

✔Sign us on as Reseller-Implementer partners to work as your allies and plug and play extension of your sales and Onboarding Team



Save upto 10,000 manhours per year and 20 to 30% in cost via out unique methodology involving a suite of Migrations Implementation, proprietary Apps & Integration

✔Maximize operational efficiency, speed, reduce costs and free key resources to redirect focus on strategic  initiatives.

✔Move to/Optimize & automate integrated eCommerce and digital storefronts to regain marketplace traction traction



✔Utilize us as a trusted Advisor & Implementation partner in your Cloud Journey, assisting and guiding you with complex decisions at every step of the way – right from choosing the right Cloud platform to ensuring that it is implemented in a manner that streamlines operations, cuts costs and drives profitability. Thereby providing you with outcomes that are custom designed to your business technology needs and delivers maximum impact for your investment.

Resellers & System Integrators :

✔Capitalize on a share of the exponentially growing 1 Trillion dollar Cloud Market –with the Industry’s leading provider of holistic implementation, customization & integration Technology



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