CSV – Vend Import

Retailers face the challenges of importing data transactional, customer data from their Excel/CSV files to their POS. Our integrations enable retailers to quickly import their one-time historical transaction and sync their daily sales and inventory which gives them a better look at their operations and performance. We also provide hosting support for this applications via an industry-standard cloud hosting solution such as AWS / Google.

  • Import all key data (Products, Sales, Customers)¬†from CSV to your POS

  • 1-time and ongoing sync with POS with external systems via common data formats such as CSV/excel

  • Extensive UI based configuration and monitoring

  • Fully integrated with POS back-office data and workflows


We worked with the ShoppinPal team to build a CSV (flat file) data sync tool integration with the Vend POS, which is now being used successfully by several of our customers in the UK. The tool enables sales and other data to be imported one-time or on a regular basis. The team is technically very sound and has a deep knowledge of point-of-sale APIs. They did a great job of helping refine the requirements and explaining essential tradeoffs between performance and usability. I also liked that Zsolt (the lead engineer) created a simple and effective user interface for configuration and monitoring without any spec from our side. It was also useful to have credible DevOps support to be able to host our solution on the cloud in a cost-effective manner. We are now continuing to collaborate on integration tools with the ShoppinPal team.

-Willie Naysmith