Custom Development for Vend POS

We are a team of engineers and product guys with a background in developing core systems at Silicon Valley startups and enterprise companies such as eBay and HP. We have deep expertise with Vend APIs. Several retailers use our ecommerce add-on, which works beautifully with Vend. We would love to assist you with any custom development needs that help you get the most out of Vend. Please contact us at [email protected] with a brief description of your needs.

Examples of projects we could help with:

  • Build any custom solution to get the most out of Vend. For example, we are helping one customer build a comprehensive integration with their warehouse workflows and another one with a self-checkout tablet kiosk.
  • Integrate better with e-commerce solutions. Some of our customers wanted an easy way to port images and product data from their e-commerce system (e.g. Shopify, PrestaShop) into Vend.

Projects that involve a lot of user interface work are not our forte. Also, we are not experts at setting up Vend.