Customers are Shopping Smarter; What Retailers Should Know

Once upon a time, the Internet was a scary black hole into which one should not input their credit card info. Thanks to EBay, PayPal and Etsy, the Internet slowly became a safe, even friendly, way to shop. This meant bad news for retailers whose hangars and cash registers could hardly compete with the allure of fancy websites, digital shopping carts and personalized discount codes emailed straight to a customer’s inbox. Thanks to the e-commerce, the modern shopper is informed, prepared and has high expectations for their shopping experiences.

Shoppers Have Weapons 

The weapons the modern shopper has are smartphones; harnessing the power of the web, smart phones inform, persuade, convince and, potentially, lose the deal for a retailer. Never ones to take profit-loss laying down, the big-box stores figured that if shoppers were coming into their stores to browse the net and showroom, they’d better find a way to get in on the action. Their solution? Store-specific apps give consumers better product info than they can find on the web, plus so much more.

Shoppers Want Instant Product Information

Let’s face facts: online shopping has spoiled all of us. Gone are the days of writing to a company to request product info; today, manuals are online and, when we have a question we somehow can’t find an answer via Google, we start an online chat with a company’s customer service rep. For those of us who grew up before the Internet, it’s all a bit mind-blowing. Shoppers today are used to having product info at our fingertips. In an actual store, we can touch and feel a product, sure, but we can’t read reviews, see similar items or watch a how-to video for it.

Shoppers Know Their Value

Modern shoppers are actively courted and pursued by online vendors. If an online store notices we haven’t shopped with them recently, we get emails that read like they were written by a heartbroken ex; subject lines read, “We want you back”. When we do shop at online stores frequently, they take notice and give us little loyalty gifts that show us they care about our relationship… from rewards points to big discounts. With all the wooing we’re used to, it’s a bit disconcerting when we shop at a brick and mortar store as just another nameless face with some money to burn!

Shoppers Don’t Want to Wait

Thanks to the Internet, we take our work home with us (and sometimes out to dinner with us). The modern shopper is always on the go. All of this work means we’ve lost patience for old-timey things like, say, waiting in line. Online shopping gives us the option of ordering things with the ease of a few clicks. No lines necessary! When faced with long lines at a store, it’s all too tempting to just head home and go online.

While ecommerce giants like Amazon may be a formidable adversary to brick and mortar stores, all hope is not lost. Around 2007, the game changed and, like the Beatles before them, smart phones came to America. Smart phones finally gave big-box stores a way to compete with the online world: apps. What, however, can a small retailer do to compete today? What could small stores without fleets of programmers or a massive budget do? The answer is simple: there’s an app for it.  It’s called Shoppinpal.

ShoppinPal is the small and mid-size retailer’s palm-sized solution to fight back against the net and the big-box stores. Our mobile commerce app is made for smaller businesses so that you can give your customers the instant product information they want, personalized shopping offers and instant checkout when they’re on the go. Join the app and mortar store revolution with us.

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