Integrate your Cloud System with ANY e-Commerce Software

Ensure Business sustainability for your end customers via e-commerce enabled process Automation and Optimization

B2B Cloud Platforms/Apps

Whitelabel and embed various leading e-Commerce Integrations within your product so that the consumer has a seamless experience

Simply use our existing connectors with major e-Commerce systems. No development required from your dev team

Ensure greater data security for your customers <with embedded core integration> 3rd party apps involved, ensuring faster data flows

Use us to create, maintain and continuously evolve your end customer’s digital storefront with our dedicated onboarding team

Integrate your end customer with the top marketplaces. Ensure your catalogs and products are up to date

Integrate with critical end customer apps -including newly emerging apps that ensure Covid-19 safety

E-Commerce Integration Types

Integrate your e-Com System with Your customer’s existing Core Systems (such as 

 ERP, POS, Loyalty,HR, Inventory Management/Warehousing and Marketing Automation)

POS + e-commerce

(Products, COGS, Sales Transactions, Payments, Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivables)

Payments + e-commerce

(Accounts receivable, Accounts Payable, Payment Method, Fees, Taxes)  


Accounting + e-Commerce
(Products, Transactions, Payment type, Sales, Orders, Shipping Costs)

Inventory Management Systems + e-Commerce

(Products, Transactions, Purchase Orders, Landed Costs, BOM)


Systems we integrate with
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Case Studies

F & B e-commerce major: POS & Loyalty Systems Integration

The Client is one of the world’s top-rated e-commerce platforms specializing in the wines and spirits vertical. They power some of the most popular wineries and have an impressive global customer base that is growing at 50% YoY.

Many of their existing and potential customers were using Vend as their Point of Sale solution at the cash registers in their stores and expressed a need for an integration between the two systems in order to better manage inventory....

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