How Does ShoppinPal Make In-Store Mobile Payments So Easy?

When talking with retailers about all the features available through the ShoppinPal mobile commerce app, we are asked some questions more frequently than others. One of those questions is “How do you make the mobile payment fast and easy for my shoppers and painless for me?” Our answer is always “ZooZ,” but we usually get this response in return. So, let’s take a quick look at how the mobile payment platform, ZooZ, works seamlessly with the ShoppinPal app and your POS to wow your customers.

When shoppers use ShoppinPal in your store, they can scan product bar codes to quickly add items to their cart and instantly do something you surely enjoy: pay you money! There’s two ways they can do this.

The first way is to click the “Pay at Counter” button. The “Pay at Counter” option simply pushes the customer’s order to your POS, and you will complete the sale just as you do today by accepting cash or the traditional credit card swipe.

The second way a customer can check-out using ShoppinPal is to click the “Pay by Phone” button in their shopping cart. This is where ZooZ works its magic to enable mobile check-out. ZooZ works with tons of leading payment gateways, including FirstData,, Be2Bill, Stripe, Caixa Catalunia, Paymill, AlgoCharge, FatZebra, Chronopay, and Credorax. So if your retail store already uses one of these, it’s crazy easy. If not, we can help you setup a new account with ZooZ so that you may accept mobile payments.

When shoppers click “Pay by Phone” they can quickly pay using PayPal or their favorite credit cards. When first time customers self check-out through ShoppinPal, they’ll enter their credit card information or simply snap a picture of their credit card and the information will be automatically populated to speed up the transaction. Now the next time a shopper visits your store and uses ShoppinPal, all they need to do is enter a 4-digit pin since their credit card information is securely saved.

For a quick recap and to see it in action, check out this quick video:

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It’s that simple. We hope we’ve changed your reaction to this, and we know your shoppers will love using ShoppinPal in your stores.

To see ShoppinPal in action, request a demo today.

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