How Stores using Vend POS Boost Retail Sales with Mobile Commerce

It’s no secret that the reason ShoppinPal’s mobile commerce solution offers such a rich mobile shopping experience for a store’s shoppers… is the blood, sweat and tears we put into integrating our software with retail POS systems. Although it’s simple and speedy for a retail store to get ShoppinPal up and running, our initial behind-the-scenes work of integrating with a POS system is no easy task. So, we carefully select the POS systems we work with. One of those integrations is with Vend POS. Vend is a cloud-based POS and inventory management system that’s won over retailers all across New Zealand, Australia and the US with its ease of set-up, flexible customizations, and great customer support. The Vend team has been excellent to work with, and we’re incredibly excited to have aboard our retailer customers that use Vend in their stores.

With ShoppinPal’s integration with Vend, retailer’s using Vend POS can instantly have a mobile-optimized storefront (even if the retailer doesn’t have an existing e-commerce store) that allows for quick and easy product browsing and mobile payments designed specifically to sell more through social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest and location-based apps like Yelp and Google Maps.

Retail stores approach ShoppinPal to solve various pain points: foot traffic, basket size, deals & rewards, mobile payments. Although the retailers may initially fall in love with one feature, what they find is that ShoppinPal is a robust mobile commerce platform for retail stores that will make their shoppers love them. Here are the ways retailers use ShoppinPal to boost retail sales:

Give Shoppers What They Want

We can’t deny that shoppers have more options than ever when it comes to finding items they want to buy. Everyday we hear stories of how ecommerce giants are affecting brick & mortar retail. But often times making the purchase online at Amazon and eBay just to save a few bucks isn’t enough of an incentive. The physical store still has advantages over online pure plays, but the physical store has must adapt and reach shoppers through other channels, specifically mobile. Just think if you could own that shopper’s mobile experience by offering them benefits to stay engaged with your products in your store? We believe one of the most important first steps to mobile for retail stores is making it easy to view a store’s products and detailed descriptions, and that’s made easy with our integration with Vend POS.

40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels before making a purchase. Give them another channel when they’re deciding where to spend their money. 80% of smartphone owners want more mobile-optimized product information while they’re shopping physical stores. Give shoppers with they want.

Give Shoppers Instant Gratification

One of the reasons shoppers choose to buy locally instead of shopping online is the ability to have their order in their hands that same day. Who wants to wait several days for shipping? Many large retail chains, such as Best Buy, Walmart, Home Depot, Toys R Us, Nordstrom and Target (to name a few) now offer the ability to buy online and pick up in-store.  So, not surprisingly, one of the most popular features of ShoppinPal with retail stores is the ability for shoppers to buy on their phones on the go, select the option for in-store pickup, and swing by the store to get their merchandise that same day.

Recommend Products to Shoppers

This is your chance to not only offer a great service to your shoppers, but also increase the chance they visit your store and buy more (whether they buy through their phone or come into the store) as they engage with your mobile e-commerce store enabled by ShoppinPal. Let’s say a shopper is browsing in your store’s products on their phone. Where do they start? You don’t have an associate to guide them if they aren’t yet in the store. So ShoppinPal acts as the guide by giving them quick views of the most popular items in your store as well as sale items. If they want to see all your in-store inventory, they can easily do that as well. By talking to your POS system, ShoppinPal displays all of the item’s information similar to an online shopping experience complete with the image name, image, price and description and automatically generates your stores’ most popular items by crunching your store’s receipts data.  ShoppinPal’s recommendation system also accesses a retailer’s receipts data and instantly displays smart product recommendations right on the phone depending on what products they like as they browse. This is a great opportunity to add value to the shopping experience while driving more sales during the same visit.

Let Customers Pay by Phone

More and more shoppers are starting to complete purchases not only on desktops and tablets, but also on their smartphones.  ShoppinPal makes this easy with a mobile payments platform that lets shoppers order ahead and pay by phone, and the orders instantly show up in your Vend POS system. All that’s left to do is for the customer to flash their e-receipt and you verify the order number and amount once they arrive at your store. For shoppers that don’t want to pay on the phone.

If a customer wants to pay with cash or swipe their card the traditional way, we support that too. They can still submit their order away from the store via ShoppinPal and choose to pay in the store. The order still shows up in Vend, but instead of that being a closed order, it stays open and the associate completes the order when the shopper arrives to pick up their order.

Give Customers Deals

Customers love a good deal, and with ShoppinPal merchants can create and promote deals on particular items that are automatically applied to a shopper’s order when purchased through a store’s specific ShoppinPal store url or product-specific url. Simply select a product, the appropriate dollar amount or percentage off, the duration of the deal, and you’re finished. This is easily configured in ShoppinPal’s Merchant Center, and our retail customers find the product-specific promotions quick and easy to enable.

If you want to learn more about how ShoppinPal helps retailers that use Vend POS, email [email protected]. If you use another retail POS system and want to know if ShoppinPal is compatible, email us. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait for you to join our group of ecstatic retail customers!

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