In today’s retail environment, Timely Automated Insights are the most valuable resource.

Hey there, Vend user!

By now you have probably settled into a nice daily routine with Vend helping you run your store(s) and your business. The key to successfully growing your business depends on the tools you use and on how quickly you adapt to the changing needs of the market.


Introducing POSxDATA, a reporting tool that integrates seamlessly with Vend and allows you to set up automated reports that are delivered directly to your inbox!


POSxDATA enables you to answer top of mind questions such as:

  • How did sales at Outlet A compare to sales at Outlet B this week or this month?
  • How many stock transfers occurred between my outlets in the last month?
  • Which products are running low on stock and need to be re-ordered?
  • What are my customer balances at the end of each month?
  • How were sales this week compared to the same time last year?


POSxDATA allows you to set up these reports in 5 minutes and then not worry about re-running these reports every time. The Daily, Weekly and Monthly schedulers allow you to choose how frequently you want to receive a particular report. The interface is mobile-friendly so you can even set up reports on-the-go through your phone.

In today’s competitive business environment, Vend has you covered on the day to day business operations and POSxDATA will supply the intelligence you need to make smart decisions.


POSxDATA is currently available for free to all Vend users. Simply click on the link below to register and connect your Vend account to get started.!/register


Below is a quick walkthrough video that show how easy it is to set up a report.


We want to hear from you!

We are constantly looking to add more report templates that are useful to Vend customers. We would love to get feedback on the data points or analysis that would help you with your decision making. So email us with your request and we will do our best to solve your reporting needs in the shortest time-frame.


About Us

POSxDATA has been developed by Shoppinpal, a top developer partner of Vend. Shoppinpal has been working closely with Vend for over 3 years and have helped many Vend customers with their custom requirements. Shoppinpal is an integrations expert and has significant expertise in developing connectors for Vend that allow data to flow from Vend to other systems such as Netsuite ERP. Check us out at

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