Mobile Loyalty Program: Right Deal for the Right Customer

Using old marketing techniques, retail stores used to anticipate and advertise for mass appeal. By utilizing modern technology, retail marketing doesn’t need to be a guessing game anymore. With a mobile shopping app and analytics, stores can provide targeted products, promotions and offers to each individual shopper.

Branding & Engagement

In a recent Maritz survey on loyalty programs, the average customer is enrolled in 7.4 loyalty programs, but are only actively engaged in 63% of the programs they’re enrolled in. 91% of the nearly 6,000 U.S. consumers surveyed said they would download an app for a program they’re enrolled in. Also, 73% of smartphone users in this survey said they’d like to use their mobile device to interact with their loyalty programs.

For loyalty customers, the biggest opportunity for retailers is in mobile communication, since mobile can add relevance and context. When a shopper taps into a retailer’s app in-store, the retailer has the opportunity to provide location-based information and offers in context.

One company that excels at this type of relevance and mobile engagement is Cinemark Theaters. This theater chain uses their mobile app to boost customer loyalty and offer incentives to solve a common theater issue. Cinemark rewards moviegoers who don’t use their device during movies by sending them concession deals within their app at the end of every movie. Customers that want free or discounted popcorn, soda or candy will not only choose to attend their theaters, but also won’t text and disturb others during the movie.

Customers will engage with retailers when provided the right benefits and rewards.

Intuitively Predict What a Customer Needs

In a study by RetailMeNot and the Omnibus Company, they found 51% of shoppers are more likely to buy products in-store if they were given a location-based mobile coupon.

Not every deal will be attractive to every customer, which is a main reason online retailers have had the success they’ve had. Many online retailers track what customers search for, products they like and what they actually end up purchasing. Basically, they a 360 degree view of the shopping cycle for each customer. From this information, online retailers can personalize recommendations and sales with more products likely to interest a specific person.

Through ShoppinPal, brick and mortar retailers can easily harness this business advantage for themselves and utilize it in-store. For retailers, it’s all about supplying the right content at the right point in the shopping cycle. Sometimes, it will mean the difference between a completed transaction and a customer who walks out the door with nothing.

Cater to the Individual

Every consumer needs or loves something. Stop marketing to the masses and focus on the individual consumer. Technology has leveled the playing field and made this strategy possible.

A lot of mobile shoppers are deal hunters. These consumers are looking for the right deal or the right sale at the right time on almost anything they buy. Rewarding this type of customer with personalized deals not only gives your business a competitive advantage, but it’ll also help secure a sale.

Some customers visit stores on occasion just to browse and not to purchase on that visit. These visits can end productively for retailers if they seize the opportunity. As they browse, customers will see things they might want to purchase on a later date. ShoppinPal’s mobile app makes it easy for customers to remember exactly what they were interested in last time they visited the store. Customers have the ability to add to their wishlist inside the mobile app while they browse in-store simply by scanning the item’s barcode.

Supplying timely deals within a mobile app can not only motivate consumers and help close the sale, but can provide retailers with special insight into each individual customer. Analytics gathered from shopper behavior inside the app – whether it be from items viewed, products added to shopping lists, or deals redeemed – help you understand your customers’ shopping habits and motivating factors.

Loyalty programs have to remain relevant with their customer. Give your business the opportunity to take actions supported by shopper analytics. Instituting these changes and focusing on engaging customers as individuals will result in a more loyal customer base.

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