• Synchronise Products, Customers, Sales Inventory between Vend and Netsuite

• Map Outlets, Taxes and Pricebooks between Vend and Netsuite.

• Each transaction in Vend corresponds to an invoice in Netsuite.

• The Payment Method is captured as customer payment type in Netsuite.

• Refunds and Returns are processed using credit memo and linked to the original invoice of purchase.

• Discounts applied in Vend are reflected in Netsuite.

• Assign accounts associated with Accounts Receivables, Payables, Discounts, Tax etc.

• Ensure the correct GL impact for each transaction.

• Supports On Account and Layby transactions.

• Supports the use of non-inventory items in Netsuite and Vend.


One time setup fee of USD 2000

This will include complete support during the setup,

admin panel configuration, UAT and handoff.

Monthly hosting cost and support SLA.

(Approximately USD 200 per month based on the transaction volume and data size)

For Additional customisation options and other integrations, please contact [email protected]