Multi-outlet Retail Chain: POS & Inventory Management Integration

The Customer - A 16 chain specialty retail store (now expanding to 80 locations) needed to integrate their operations with their Cloud Point of Sale devices and enable the automation of their replenishment and supply chain model. They approached Shoppinpal for solution architecture and building out the necessary integrations.

They had a complex supply chain process with two central warehouses and large number of SKUs being ordered by the stores. The manual process of ordering was time consuming and the fulfillment process was subject to human errors as there was no systematic tracking process in place.


From the store managers’ perspective, the time spent on the manual ordering/receiving process, trying to track discrepancies and account for missing stock was taking away from their primary responsibility of providing their customers a great in-store experience.  

ShoppinPal built an automated fulfillment system that automatically created the order for the store managers based on the in-store sales and current inventory. The app also tracks the orders from the stores to the warehouses where the personnel can use the app to record their shipments.


The app makes the entire process easier and trackable and seamlessly syncs with the Point of Sale system so all inventory changes are up to date. 

ShoppinPal enabled the client to plan, document, implement and optimise the operational process and customised it to provide the client with a flow that mirrors their physical process. The alternate options that the clients had considered ranged between $80,000 and $120,000 per year. The homegrown solution built via integrations was accomplished for $45,000 in Year 1 with running costs of $6000 from Year 2 on. Shoppinpal also provides ongoing technical support and hosting to client.

"Challenges facing a business of our size are abundant. Software, and its rapidly changing landscape, is one of the biggest. With StockUp our company has been able to rapidly adapt to new and changing business needs. In addition to the flexibility, we improved accuracy of order fulfillment by 29% and dropped turn around time by half! Our staff was able to receive shipments quickly and restock with such efficiency that our customer service ratings improved month over month for the entire first year of use, as team members were able to get with customers at unprecedented levels. We have been able to stay lean with insights into our ordering and buying while still providing what our customers want. The team at StockUp is easy to work with and understands the substance of business logistics.”

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