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It’s been almost 20 years since Marc Benioff famously launched the No Software campaign that eventually became the hallmark of Salesforce marketing; the core message was that the painful way of dealing with legacy software had to go! We (at ShoppinPal) are at a similar crucial and exciting juncture -- we are about to release a CODELESS integration model that will enable an infinite number of SME B2B systems to talk to each other, forever alleviating the pain of building point-to-point integrations via an army of engineers over several months/years. Most innovations are born out of a long personal struggle, and its no different with this one....we've been architecting well and writing a lot of awesome code for various leading cloud systems (Point of Sales such as Vend and LightSpeed, ERPs / multi function systems like NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics) and many other big and small Clouds...the journey and pain took us through a series of insights that eventually gave us a clear path to building a vastly better, lighting fast and ultra cheap way to enable data bridges amongst B2B clouds.

Why does it matter? 

  • With hundreds of Cloud systems and millions of SME customers at stake, this is one of the largest unsolved problems in the B2B Cloud space. 

  • When solved in the right way, we create unprecedented value -- potentially saving millions of man hours of development and operational support! 

What does CODELESS mean?

  • It means we have a generic framework to support hooking into any system with an API and it doesn’t require any specific code to enable the data sync. 

  • Our "smart architecture" utilizes pre-coded components to connect and map one system to another through our intuitive UI. What used to take days or months to develop now takes a few hours to just build and test. 

How do I join the revolution? 

  • Just write to us [] with the integration(s) you need. If you are an SME user of B2B systems, this is all you need to do. 

  • If you are a B2B Cloud provider with open APIs and there’s no need for us to go via a formal partnership application, just give us your full wishlist of all the desired integrations that you’ve ever wanted. For example - I’d like “my Cloud” to talk to these 10 leading point-of-sales, 3 ERPs and these 4 HR systems. We will seek your input for a few nuances such as directionality of data flow, attribute mappings etc. 

  • If you don’t have open APIs, you will need to enable ShoppinPal as a partner and give us access to your API and a Dev sandbox -- help us help you!  

  • In a few days the setup is done and your customers can start onboarding on any of these integrations. Our Ops team will handhold them through the entire process, capture any customizations needed, and be fully responsible for customer success for the entire lifetime of the integration/partnership. We will also HOST the integration as needed -- in our Cloud, yours, or the customer’s.

This is going to be a super fun ride...stay tuned!

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