Stock Replenishment App

Replenishing stock is one of the most important repetitive tasks performed by a retailer, yet for majority of the retail world this process is highly inefficient and time consuming. We’ve created a (first of its kind) open-source and free iPad application that makes the stock ordering process fast and fun, and frees up a whole lot of time for store managers and warehouse folks. To top it off, this app works beautifully with your inventory and POS. Just let us know which system(s) you use and we can add the integration.

  • 3X improvement in stock replenishment efficiency

  • Get rid of inaccuracies with fulfillment

  • Works on any platform/device

  • Fully integrated with POS back-office data and workflows


Patricia’s fulfillment and stock replenishment efficiency at the store level has improved 3-fold using ShoppinPals stock management / warehousing app. Our staff has been able to focus more on customer service by reducing by 50%+ the time spent on reordering product and receiving it.  Additionally, we’ve been able to bring down the errors to near zero and create a high degree of accountability from our store and warehouse personnel .

-Patricia’s Gift Shop