Retail Apps + Toy Stores: A Match Made in Parenting Heaven?

From marketing via Instagram and Pinterest to location-based deals and targeted rewards, today’s niche and small retailers are getting creative. If you own or manage a shop that sells products kids and parents love, it’s time to think outside the toy box.

Big box stores offer the masses of overtired and overworked parents some serious appeal in terms of convenience – moms and dads can buy everything from computers to diapers in the same location. If you want to appeal to the parent shopper you’ve got a challenge – but not one that can’t be overcome! Shopping apps bring a lot to the sales floor and keep a toy store relevant with busy parents.

Retail Apps Offer Parents Sanity

Think about your average parent. They’re usually rushing from job to pre-school to birthday party to dinner: if they’re not cleaning spaghetti off the walls, they’re safeguarding the electronics from juice-crazed toddlers. Sometimes, parenting can feel like trying to manage a house full of frat guys (minus the alcohol). Needless to say, sanity can be a struggle for moms and dads, and as a result, they naturally gravitate toward anything that makes life a bit easier. The tired parent is an untapped market: send personalized purchase ideas and give moms and dads the ability to self pay from their phones (when they have a flock of kids in tow) and you can create an extremely loyal customer base.

Retail Apps Offer Parents Deals

Penny pinching has become a cultural phenomenon. From deal sites like Groupon to tv shows about couponing, shopping has become a serious business for a lot of us. Folks watching their budgets so closely is not the worst thing ever if you adapt and find ways to engage them: shoppers are more willing than ever to look around for a good deal. Shops that embrace the right retail app can keep their savvy parent shoppers in the loop on special prices and great buys. From offering customers check-in deals or even product-specific discounts, small business owners that utilize shopping apps can lure customers in with the power of a good, old-fashioned deal.

Retail Apps Offer Personalization

Check-in deals. Shared shopping lists. Mobile payments. Shopper analytics. Retail apps are an excellent way for stores understand their customers and enhance the shopping experience for busy parents. Retail apps also offer stores the powerful ability to target customers based on preferences. You know how Amazon offers personalized recommendations based on past purchases and browsing histories? Shopping apps do too, which is one more reason a parent will want to shop your store instead of passing it up to shop with the online giant.

When the ease of digital shopping is merged with real-time benefits, both the shop and the customer wins. Bottom line? If you sell parent and kid-friendly products, from nursing aprons to science sets, a retail app is a great way to drive sales while offering parents the stress reduction and convenience they crave.

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