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ShoppinPal summary

Using our "secret sauce" plug and play, "Automation by Integration" Platform, ShoppinPal works closely with software application providers serving close to 40K operators in the F&B | Hospitality | Retail industries to enable seamless connections with their customers for integrations at scale. 

Ensuring that both emerging and established players in the F&B Tech | Enterprise App segments as well as Restaurant Chain Operators | SMBs adapt and thrive.

ShoppinPal’s platform is white-labeled and 100 percent Plug and Play with no Development or Operational inputs required from Enterprise Software App providers.


We are enabling you to connect ANY App of yours in the F&B domain to ALL leading POS and Payment systems of your Restaurant | Customer bases. 

ShoppinPal is proud to count majors such as Square, Clover, Toast, Lightspeed, Shopify, and Oracle Micros amongst our Integration partners. We are also pleased to announce that we recently completed our Series A Funding round (USD 5Mn) led by Mucker Capital.

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