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ShoppinPulse: Happenings!

The Power of 3

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3 New Channel Partners (POS Software and Payments Solution Providers) across domains, including POS, Loyalty and Payments to address a larger SMB base


Over 30+ Ghost Kitchen/Cloud Kitchen Integrations(ready-to-use, plug n play) via our iPaaS and accelerating towards 60 + in 3 months


Over 5000 SMBs utilizing our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)


Starting our Toronto office soon...


Raised USD 650K+  in the last 3 months as part of a steady ongoing

Pre-Series A Investment round.

Recent Media Coverage


Featured in

Featured in

Stayed Tuned for our Coverage in The Economic Times, The YourStory SMB Roundtable and TMN Media !!

About ShoppinPal

ShoppinPal is a first-mover in POS-Centric, *Any* to *Any* System B2B SaaS Integrations for SMBs.ShoppinPal's proprietary Integration Connector Suite is designed especially for easy, plug-n-play use for SMBs and Enterprise Apps in the Restaurants|Ghost Kitchen| Retail|Payment domains. Secure, White-labelled with extremely competitive (per usage-based pricing)


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