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ShoppinPulse: Happenings!

The Power of 3

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3 New Channel Partners (POS Software and Payments Solution Providers) across domains, including POS, Loyalty and Payments to address a larger SMB base


Over 30+ Ghost Kitchen/Cloud Kitchen Integrations(ready-to-use, plug n play) via our iPaaS and accelerating towards 60 + in 3 months


Over 5000 SMBs utilizing our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)


Starting our Toronto office in
3 months (June 2021)!


Raised USD 650K+  in the last 3 months as part of a steady ongoing

Pre-Series A Investment round.

Recent Media Coverage


Featured in

Featured in

Stayed Tuned for our Coverage in The Economic Times, The YourStory SMB Roundtable and TMN Media !!

About ShoppinPal

Our plug and play, single-point access Integration “Platform as a Service(iPaaS)”-powered by proprietary, customizable, ready to use codebases & architecture- enables any set of Systems/ Apps to connect to ANY Other set. Thereby providing any imaginable integration, at scale.


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