Shoppinpal's integration expertise make Stockup a good fit with any system.


Algorithm to generate the orders. Save time and increase efficiency by automating your supply chain.


Stop manual input into excel and complicated ERPs.

Why StockUp

Shoppinpal has built the industry’s first and only open source app for automating stock replenishment.

Built-in receival flow with automatic order reconciliation and barcode scanning reduces errors, and eliminates lost/untracked inventory.

StockUp can auto generate orders for the user based on sophisticated supply chain model algorithms. The user simply has to review and confirm.

Syncs seamlessly with leading ERP and POS systems.

Updates the inventory in ERP/POS based on the incoming stock.

Automatically creates corresponding sales orders and consignments.

Bin Locations feature that help with physical storage and supports bluetooth scanners.

  • Automation

    Automate the repetitive, annoying tasks and let your team focus their energy and brain on the areas that need a human touch. StockUp allows retailers to spend more time with their customers than on their spreadsheets.

  • Integrations

    StockUp currently integrates with Vend POS and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Shoppinpal is a leader in the integrations space and are exploring pilot opportunities to integrate StockUp with other leading Cloud Systems.

  • Algorithm

    StockUp uses sophisticated supply chain algorithms to determine the ideal order quantities. Shoppinpal also customises the algorithm and app for customers based on the industry and region specific needs





Healthcare/Pharmacy Supplies

Logistics/Supply Chain

Electronics Retail/Repair


"Challenges facing a business of our size are abundant. Software, and its rapidly changing landscape, is one of the biggest. With StockUp our company has been able to rapidly adapt to new and changing business needs. In addition to the flexibility, we improved accuracy of order fulfillment by 29% and dropped turn around time by half! Our staff was able to receive shipments quickly and restock with such efficiency that our customer service ratings improved month over month for the entire first year of use, as team members were able to get with customers at unprecedented levels. We have been able to stay lean with insights into our ordering and buying while still providing what our customers want. The team at StockUp is easy to work with and understands the substance of business logistics."





Brandon Lehman,


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