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The ShoppinPal folks are a mission-driven bunch that’s out to forever change the lives of brick & mortar retailers. The bulk of our presence is in Pune (India), with couple of key employees working out of Houston (The USA) and Auckland (NZ). In the last few months we have excelled in team building and in solidifying our work culture, so allow me to share a few things that define and guide us.

shoppinpal team

1) A tremendous sense of ownership permeates everything we do. For a startup, it’s not enough to have a super smart team unless each member acts as a protagonist of his ideas and take initiatives, no less than the owner . We are very fortunate that every employee acts and makes decisions like a founder/owner, which has enabled us to assign meaty responsibilities to even our interns. Every single day I see stellar examples of people taking load off of each other and doing whatever it takes to bring fruition to the mission…and I’m incredibly grateful for that. 2016-01-27 13.22.57

2) Every teammate has a perpetual desire to learn, , solve seemingly impossible problems, and then share that knowledge. This not only makes each member a part of the input but also strengthens the interpersonal relationship of the employees. We’ve been very fortunate that several customers and partners have embarked on shared problem solving with us which has resulted in a wealth of open source software that will hopefully benefit thousands of retailers and developers in the years to come.

3) Commitment towards social causes. As they say and we firmly believe, core is more important than the periphery, we work both as a team and individually in various ways to do our bit for the society. Once a quarter, we organise outings for kids from local shelters, engaging them in some recreational activities and providing some moments of joy. . Here are a couple of pictures from recent ones that included tours of a world class horticultural center and an Army war memorial museum. We also have a “vacation allowance” which doubles if your vacation involves some volunteering towards a social cause.



We have a Team+Tech foundation now that will enable us to shake up the industry. Stay tuned!

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