Valentine’s Day: How Your Store Can Win the Hearts of Last Minute Shoppers

Any guy who is shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift this late in the game is probably in panic mode. Whether he suffers from life-long holiday procrastination or is just downright clueless on what to buy his significant other, retail stores can make his life, or at least his Valentine’s Day gift buying, much easier. With no time to spare, the faster it is to get from “uhhhh” all the way to purchase, the more likely you’ll be the go-to store for his next gift giving occasion. Here are some ways retail stores do just that:

A Can’t Miss Display

An in-store Valentine’s Day display that hits a guy in the face right when he walks in your store is a no brainer. Pick your top-selling gifts for women and Valentine’s Day merchandise, include plenty of pink and red, and watch a purchase decision happen in seconds. Your male shoppers will remember the weight you are capable of lifting off their shoulders in a flash the next time they need go buy something “thoughtful.”

Order on the Go

Providing a mobile ordering option will help your store best serve shoppers on the go. Flowers are still the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, and 1800Flowers has put a lot of focus on making their mobile properties a fast an easy way to order and pay for flowers. In fact, the retailer’s mobile site was rated as one of the fastest mobile checkouts. Imagine a guy on his way home from work taking out his phone, finding your store, and completing an order so it’s ready for him when he walks in your store, saving him enough time to actually write something on that Hallmark card this Valentine’s Day.

ShoppinPal TipTip: Enabling the out-of-store purchasing option in your ShoppinPal Merchant Center allows your shoppers to browse your store’s inventory from their smartphone while at home on the way to your store. You’ll receive a notification via ShoppinPal when an order is placed so you can get the order ready for pick-up.

Buy Online, Pick Up in Store

A guy who has waited until the last minute to buy a Valentine’s Day gift does not have a few days or a week to wait for a gift to be shipped. More and more customers are demanding this option. Stores like Nordstrom, Kay Jewelers, and Things Remembered all have in-store pickup options to help them save face with their sweethearts.

Gift Recommendations

Chances are, if a guy has waited until the last minute, he may not have any ideas for what to buy. This is your chance to help him get the perfect gift for his better half and be indebted to you for eternity. But really – being knowledgeable about the products and being fast is a surefire way to help you retain their business for the long term. Make sure the store staff knows the most popular Valentine’s Day items for various age groups, where exactly to find the items are on the shelves, and why his valentine will love it.

ShoppinPal TipTip: ShoppinPal automatically shows shoppers most popular items from your store instantly upon checking in, so even if your customer is clueless, he’ll be sure to have a quick head start. As he browses inside your store and scans a product barcode,  he’ll also see related and frequently purchased together items to make picking the perfect gift much, much easier and increases that chances that his significant other actually like what he picks out.

Gift Wrapping

Offering gift wrapping is essential when trying to cater to men who are shopping for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift. Let’s face it, most men generally aren’t that excited about gift-wrapping. Adding a gift-wrap option will boost your sales and help bring your customers back. Even if your store only offers gift wrapping during certain holiday shopping times, this and other customization options can help set you apart from your competitors and make your business more memorable.

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