Winning the Retail Customer With Mobile Perks

With mobile device growth and increasing affordability of technology, it’s time for retailers to adopt a mobile strategy. Understanding how technology can improve your customer’s experience and implementing plans to integrate it into your retail experience will help you earn customer loyalty.

Most people approach retail stores as if they are entering battle, equipped with a wallet, loyalty card, store credit card, coupons, and of course, their smartphone. Mobile web traffic is steadily rising and users increasingly perform more of their daily activities conveniently on their smartphones. The mobile customer desires this level of convenience at the physical store too. Retailers must consider the strategic impacts of this growing mobile trend. Is your store ready for mobile commerce? To kick start the mobile experience, here are four areas retailers should consider:

In-Store Wi-Fi

Top retailers across the U.S. have already embraced and offer Wi-Fi for customers in their physical stores. Customers want to constantly be connected, for personal and shopping use. Offering Wi-Fi in-stores helps both sales associates and customers have a more engaging and positive shopping experience. Wi-Fi will make it easier for all mobile customers to use your mobile experience. It’s especially important for customers with limited data plans or if they’re using Wi-Fi only devices, like an iPod.

If customers are interacting with you in-store, you can score a lot of personalized customer data. Stores can monitor how many people enter the store without purchasing something via their Wi-Fi. Also, retailers can see what products or services are receiving the most page views on their mobile sites. All these details can be leveraged to create a better shopping experience.

Personalized Shopping

Personalize content based on purchase history and items you know the shopper likes based on viewing history. Improve the customer experience and mobile commerce usage by providing shoppers with relevant promotions during their shopping trip. By harnessing impactful loyalty data, retailers can impress mobile shoppers, generating more sales and increasing chances for return visits.

Leverage the power of real-time shopper location and purchase behavior. When a shopper receives an offer for an item he wasn’t going to purchase, but buys it because it was compelling, everybody in the retail chain wins. Imagine walking into a store and receiving an offer for DVDs that rivals the price they’d pay on Amazon. Leveraging real-time location data and basket contents significantly increases the power of loyalty data for the benefit of shoppers, retailers and brand partners.

To learn more about how to use in-store shopper data, download our Analytics Overview.

Provide a Single Experience

Provide an intuitive, integrated mobile experience that the shoppers will want to use. With the plethora of mobile apps out there, a shopper can easily become overwhelmed and frustrated. The successful retailer keeps things simple and effective by integrating the benefits shoppers want into a single experience. For example, some m-commerce users make shopping lists on their mobile device. Provide users an app that crosses items off their shopping list as they scan them into their mobile cart. Also, the app can notify them an item is on sale after they add it to their cart. Timely, intuitive recommendations will help shoppers discover items outside their original list.

Offer Simple, In-Store Mobile Payment

When the shopping trip is complete and it’s time to pay, make sure there’s a fast lane for mobile users wanting to streamline the process. Offer secure and easy in-store mobile payment to your mobile commerce customers. Among the most prevalent shopper complaints is long waits in the checkout line. There’s no good reason to not provide premium shoppers with a flexible and speedy checkout experience. Customers can actually check themselves out on their phones using PayPal or simply push their orders to the retailer’s POS without the staff having to ring up each item. Why not give the shopper this option to save time for themselves and the staff?

The key to mobile commerce adoption, and the loyalty and operational benefits that come with it, is making the experience at the end of the trip as rewarding as the middle. In five years, it’s estimated that at least half of smartphone users will be using mobile wallets as their preferred method of payment. Anticipate this change and be on the forefront of this retail movement. All of this technology is available and affordable for retail brands of all sizes. Don’t lose m-commerce users because of long lines.

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