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Let's make it happen

ShoppinPal is blessed with an exceptional team, where everyone goes the extra mile to ensure that our stakeholders are setup for success -- as a result of this we’ve been fortunate to not only retain every single one of our customers and partners around the globe, but also played a part in ensuring their long term growth.

We take pride in having created ultra-high learning and well rounded career paths (entry level engineers have risen to CTO/founder caliber within 3 years), without compromising work-life balance. ShoppinPal is a great fit for those who want to operate with extreme ownership + flexibility.

Every single employee, regardless of seniority/role owns stock in the company, and is entrusted with making key decisions on a regular basis. The general mantra for everyone is to “use your best judgement” and only call for help when you absolutely need it.

Application Design

Besides our commitment to immediate stakeholders, everyone takes out time to work with local nonprofits (e.g. WAIC) and/or contribute to creating the largest repository of open source software to further our mission of bringing world class tech within reach of SMEs and startups. 

Our leadership team is quite serious about creating a diverse workforce, with a special focus on creating a perfect working environment for women.

Successful Work Team
Learn about our dynamic Work culture - and our commitment to having fun at the same time !
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