Single point end-to-end fulfillment for all Integration, Custom Apps, Data Migration and Implementation needs of your customers

Customized, cost-effective solutions to empower your business sustainability. Onboard, retain and grow your customer base.

1/10th Build and Onboarding Cost

Speed to Market 5X faster

Millions in new ARR via higher Conversion

Consistent increases in NPS

About ShoppinPal

Our plug and play, single-point access Integration “Platform as a Service(iPaaS)”-powered by proprietary, customizable, ready to use codebases & architecture- enables any set of Systems/Apps to connect to ANY Other set. Thereby providing any imaginable integration, at scale.

Our Offerings


Certified implementation experts who provide the full breadth of services spanning setup, training and support.

Custom Applications

Build custom add-ons, plug-ins and apps to match your business needs.


Interconnect the essential systems that are critical to your business. Ensure seamless, up-to-date data flows across all systems. Ensure that all missing/new integrations are developed.

Data Migration

Migrate your entire historical data from ANY legacy to ANY cloud system(s)

  • Connect your Platform/App with ANY leading Cloud software

  • Enhance your customers’ experience with seamlessly integrated data flows

  • Whitelabel integrations to provide a end user UX that runs as part of your own system and without 3rd party apps

  • Unique option to deploy our micro services in your environment,ensuring that all integration data and flows are 100% secure within your infrastructure

  • Outsource Technical, DevOps support and Onboarding process to focus manpower on core initiatives  

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  • Automate workflows via seamless Integration amongst all your systems and apps for excellent end-user experiences

  • Implement  best-in-class. customized POS, CRM and other B2B cloud systems. Avoid choosing an average all-in-one system

  • Migrate data from your existing setup  to any number of Cloud systems

  • Utilize our custom add-ons (Inventory Management & Warehousing, BI/Analytics & Reporting)

  • Get new apps developed at a fraction of the cost and 5X faster than alternatives

  • Streamline Operations to focus on strategic issues

  • Ideal for sectors such as Retail, e-Commerce, Manufacturing, F&B/Restaurants,Pharma,Health & Wellness & Online Education/Training  

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Case Studies

ShoppinPal conceptualized this Cloud POS Integration, Automation & Solution Architecture Solution

A 16 chain specialty retail store (now expanding to 80 locations) needed to integrate their operations with their Cloud Point of Sale devices and enable the automation of their replenishment and supply chain model. They approached ShoppinPal for solution architecture and building out the necessary integrations.

Our Team

Sriram Subramanian

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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Arun Radhakrishnan

Chief Operating Officer

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Siddharth Madhusudan

Chief Strategy Officer

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Kamal Khatwani

Chief Technology Officer

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